About Halena

Organic skincare made for Asian skin

HALENA is a Japanese organic skincare brand made by ALOBABY, Japan’s No. 1 baby skincare brand. Made specially for busy moms who don’t have much time to invest in their skincare, but still want the best. HALENA provides just the products to suit busy moms’ lifestyles with our multi-purpose, no frills and high-quality skincare products. Our products are made suitable for postpartum mothers, making it a top choice for sensitive and irritable skin.

Effective for Asian skin Award-winning formula made for Asian skin, with 100% Japanese beauty ingredients

Functional multi-use skincare Condense your skincare routine into one easy time and cost-efficient step

Natural – ECOCERT Certified 100% hypoallergenic and organic, gentle enough for daily use on sensitive skin and babies


SINCE is an organic haircare line developed by ALOBABY, Japan’s no. 1 baby skincare brand. Made specially for moms experiencing hair loss, thinning and grey hair due to hormonal changes during and after pregnancy.