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Dry skin and rashes, eczema, itches

Moisturised and protected skin

Milky Lotion solves eczema without the use of:

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Alobaby milky lotion is something that i had been looking for… For 4 years… And finally I found it. Both my kids have skin issue. My #1 had super dry skin on her arm and she keep scratching thru the night, seem multiple doc used multiple cream but nothing seems to help. Then I found a cream online which seems to help but I need to use with other lotion for her body… And its very troublesome. And my #2 have a long time head rash that dun seem to disappear… When I happened to see alobaby… I said why dun give it a try . Now. Both my kids skin problem is been solved after a week of using. Thanks to alobaby milky lotion. Now is my 3rd bottle… I will introduce alobaby to any friends with skin issue.

Clarissa Lee, May 23 2018

Steroids are a short term solution that require constant use and these will thin your baby’s skin over time
Solve the root cause by replenishing your baby skin with oil and moisture.

Our natural ingredients reduces redness with a smoothing smell that relaxes your baby

These plant extracts contain sebum, which is naturally produced by the adult skin to protect and moisturise. No foreign chemicals are introduced.

Chemicals and fragrances can easily trigger allergic reactions in babies.
Use only raw plant extracts for anything you apply directly on your baby.

Our natural ingredients reduces redness with a smoothing smell that relaxes your baby

Lavender and Rosemary water have soothing effect on the skin, reducing redness and inducing relaxation in your baby at the same time with their natural scents.

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