Did you know that normal hand sanitisers are harmful for babies and toddlers?​

Why are normal hand sanitisers bad for babies?​
We realised that there is a lack of suitable hand sanitiser for babies. ​ Thus, we created Alobaby Hand Kirei Mist.​
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ALOBABY, Made for Babies

Most Hand Sanitisers​

Lengthy Process: Need to wipe sanitiser off with wet wipes after usage
Not suitable to clean toys and baby items: Babies might ingest toxic chemicals and alcohol.

Alobaby Hand Kirei Mist​

Quick and efficient process: No need to wipe off with wet wipes​
Suitable to clean toys and baby items: Safe for baby’s consumption, ok for baby to put toys into their mouths after
Why is alcohol bad for babies and young children?
Thins protective skin barrier , a crucial part of baby’s immune system as it functions as protective layer against harmful toxins and UV rays
Dry out skin, leaving it red, flaky and damaged
Cause low blood sugar when ingested which can lead to seizures

Alobaby's Hand Sanitiser Mist does not rely on alcohol to kill germs. Instead, organic and chemical-free ingredients are used and thus is safe for alcohol consumption. ​

Natural ​Hinokitiol

Commonly used in oral care products to kill germs, this ingredient is a crystalline acidic compound that has strong anti-bacterial effects and an unusually wide anti-bacterial spectrum with low toxicity. ​

Peppermint​ Leaf (Mentha Piperita)

Menthol found in peppermint has a bactericidal and antibacterial action. It is also a popular beauty ingredient that helps to keep skin clean.​

Rosemary Extracts

Rosemary extracts show biological bioactivities such as antioxidant and antibacterial.

These plant extracts when combined, provide natural antibacterial and antiseptic ingredients that kill germs and bacteria. ​

Alobaby's Hand Sanitiser Mist also uses organic moisturising ingredients to protect babies and toddlers' hands from drying anti-bacterial agents. ​

Lavender Flower

Lavender is known to have moisturizing effects with antifungal properties. It also reduces inflammation, thus keeping dry skin at bay.

Sage Oil

Sage oil is reputed to have moisturizing and conditioning properties to help soothe dryness and irritation. ​

With the use of these natural and organic plant extracts, baby skin remains deeply moisturised and nourished. ​

With ALOBABY’s alcohol-free and moisturizing Hand Sanitiser Mist:

Babies are protected from germs and bacteria

Parents do not need to worry about accidental consumption

Baby skin stays moisturized and nourished​

Happy Alobabies